My (Mis)Adventures with Plastic Surgery

PART ONE: The Car Accident


The month before we married: my family bridal shower

Days before Jacob and I got married, I was in a car accident. At the time, I believed it was the devil who was trying to prevent a match made in heaven. I’m no longer so superstitious. It wasn’t a serious accident, although my car was totaled.

I was driving home from Jacob’s house. My apartment was literally only a three minute drive away. I had a left on a green arrow. A girl ran a red light and slammed into me.

I remember hearing my own scream as my car flipped around in the middle of the road. It freaked me out more than anything else, never having had heard myself scream before like that. Once the car stopped spinning, I had the presence of mind to drive the car to the side of the road out of oncoming traffic. There wasn’t much traffic anyway, because it was late at night.

I called Jacob right away and asked him to bring some Tylenol. He came over immediately. My nose was bleeding. Other than that, I felt okay.

Every single possession I owned was in my car—I was in the process of moving out of my apartment.

The girl who hit me was hyperventilating. I couldn’t talk to her, but I told her fiance who showed up—she was engaged as well—that I bore her no hard feelings.

(Easy to say then when I didn’t realize the consequences that would come of breaking my nose…)

I had to deal with visiting the emergency room, calling lawyers, doctors, and insurance in the final few days before my wedding. This included getting my car towed, asking teachers for leniency during finals week, and juggling 19 piano students. To top it off, my rental car was booted on my wedding day since my apartment complex didn’t recognize it (even though I had told them about the situation), and I cried walking over to Jacob’s house because I couldn’t drive.

At that point in my life, I was still into being “busy.” I was taking 10 classes, trying to do an honor thesis, plan a wedding, teach piano, and give my senior voice recital. The accident, I now see, not as the work of some evil otherworldly influence, but as a result of karma: stress begets stress begets negative energy (which often comes in the form of accidents and illness).


In any event, the marriage happened despite all the bumps—we escaped to our honeymoon—and when I returned, I began my chiropractor visits.

My nose had formed a hump that hadn’t been there previously. I wasn’t pleased about that, but I was also very scared of surgery. So scared, I couldn’t decide if it was worth it to fix it. I didn’t have any breathing problems. I just wanted my nose to look like it used to. Then I got my job in Germany, and we left the country. And for three years, I postponed the decision. Then my lawyer told me I only had a year left before insurance would no longer cover the surgery.

I had to decide if I wanted it, and which country to do it.

To Be Continued…

Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

Kalli Hiller is a voluntary vagabond who, with her husband Jacob, has traveled full time for the last eight years.

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