Flash Flood

We are in Utah for my friend’s wedding and to spend time with family. It is so nice to be around people we’ve known longer than 3 weeks. My super nice uncle, Uncle Kevin, lent us his Saturn to use for an entire month. Our adventures have followed us here, however. In an ironic twist, in the nicest place, possibly, that we have stayed in our travels, our hotel flooded. The fourth floor collapsed; incredibly, no one was hurt. A frozen water pipe had burst.

Jacob was gone to lunch with Dan Todd, his former business partner, and I had just gotten up and was on the computer when I heard a sound like it was raining inside the hotel. I thought it strange, but figured they were cleaning something and continued working until the ceiling started to drip. Then, I still thought it was just our room, and before I left I had to make myself presentable. I got dressed and put on some makeup. It was a surprise when I opened the door and saw the hall flooded with water about two inches deep. I asked a hotel manager down the hall what was going on. His only answer was, “Everything is under control!”

I went back to my computer and continued to work, tucking in my chair away from the growing puddle of water. I didn’t want to wait outside in the cold for Jacob, who had the car. Fortunately, he showed up just as the firemen were insisting that we all exit.

We came back in the dead of night, snuck into the building with the electricity all turned off, and reclaimed our possessions. We are now staying at the Provo Travelodge until further notice…

And we just found out today we will not be moving back there. We are now at the Amenities Inn in Provo. Also, I have gotten food poisoning twice since coming here! Both times it was from over-processed cheese pizzas. One from Freschetta’s, the other from Sbarros. I am really grossed out by fast food now. Utah has proved to be our craziest adventure yet.

As a side note…I have started working out at the gym and I love it. I even went the other day when Jacob didn’t go. Weird. I have read up on how nothing can replace weight lifting for your long-term health, but I have used the fact that I often walk for 3 hours a day as no need to lift weights, and when I had a membership at Gold’s Gym I didn’t really get into it because I found the weight machines intimidating.

I had this strange perception that girls only go to the gym because they think they’re fat, and that working out will make you look masculine. With those myths dispelled, and with the realization that working out can help my posture, I am motivated and excited to work out.

It’s funny because the gym was the only time Jacob and I were apart…now we’re going to be together about 24/7. Good thing we enjoy each other’s company :)

Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

Kalli Hiller is a voluntary vagabond who, with her husband Jacob, has traveled full time for the last eight years.

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