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Dear Ryder, Today, January 13 2014, was the last day you will see your great grandmother. Like me, you will have no memories of your great grandmother or great grandfather. So let me tell you about her. She was born in Utah to Petersens—descendants of LDS pioneers who migrated from Denmark to the United States. […]


PART FOUR: The Third Surgery I researched for hours online. I scoured forums. I made phone calls and wrote emails. I ended up deciding that Australia would be the place. It was a developed country and the biggest, most populated area of Oceania which is the area of the world we happened to be in. […]


PART THREE: The Second Surgery And we were off—to Austin for a business conference, and then the Caribbean to learn French. I kept expecting my breathing to improve—which the doctor claimed was all part of the healing process. It never did, and then I got pregnant. It was a moment-to-moment irritation for me. I could […]

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PART TWO: The First Surgery After talking it over with Jacob, I decided to do it. He really thought I should, this being the only chance I might have since it was all paid for. The lawyer thought I should, because it would mean getting more money from settling. I waffled a lot because I […]


PART ONE: The Car Accident The month before we married: my family bridal shower Days before Jacob and I got married, I was in a car accident. At the time, I believed it was the devil who was trying to prevent a match made in heaven. I’m no longer so superstitious. It wasn’t a serious […]


Last week Jacob and I went on a road trip with my grandparents to see my grandpa’s place of birth and other parts of southern Utah. I’ve travelled quite a bit with my grandparents. They were the ones who would pick me up when I arrived for college. They helped me on my never-ending moves […]


For the uninitiated, let me explain what Utah is.By uninitiated, I guess I mean people who aren’t Mormon.I’ve gone to Utah every year since I was born there. It’s like this great meeting place, where you can see former acquaintances who live all over the world but who come to Utah to find a spouse, […]

We are in Utah for my friend’s wedding and to spend time with family. It is so nice to be around people we’ve known longer than 3 weeks. My super nice uncle, Uncle Kevin, lent us his Saturn to use for an entire month. Our adventures have followed us here, however. In an ironic twist, […]