Despite all of its problems, Africa, for me, is addicting. I know I’ll want to come back. Here is one reason: When you go to Europe, everything is polished and perfect. You know exactly what to expect. You know the experience you’re going to have and nothing is going to be that bad. You’re not […]


Here’s the story of our whitewater rafting in Uganda: Jinja, Uganda is supposed to have the best white water rafting in the world. I wavered at whether or not I wanted to do five grade rapids though: But a friend I made said I had to do it, so…we did. We got picked up outside […]


Riding Kampala Coach bus service into Uganda It was in Church in Uganda that I had my realization about Africa. The lady next to me in the Kampala Kololo Relief Society said this: “We Africans are lazy! And God knows this about us. A long time ago I went to Europe. And I looked at […]


So I have to admit: Since coming to Uganda I have felt homesick. Can I indulge in some things I am missing? ~Libraries. I know I have a Kindle, but I miss exploring the shelves and flipping through books and smelling the pages and seeing the typefaces. I miss library computers where I can look […]