Guy who cooked us dinner

When Jacob and I had just begun our nomadic lifestyle in Turkey in the late winter of 2009, we didn’t know many people in Istanbul. One day Jacob struck up a conversation with one of the many African purse/watch/clothing sellers who set up on blankets in a market outside of his gym. “Is it real?” […]

Goodbye Turkey… Well, we’ve made it over to Greece… and we’re loving it! I’m seeing the island mentality of “take it easy and enjoy some sun” and it is niiiice… Turkey was a great place, but it’s true that we like to walk down the street without people getting in our faces selling stuff. It […]

Kurdish musician we met. We thought he was really good. 

Urfa was a very pretty city. Clean and probably the touristy city of the East. They like to claim they are the oldest known city in the world (Jericho’s not the only one to say they are). We didn’t stay long because, well, our mouths were happy if our stomachs weren’t… We stayed at Lizbon […]

It may seem like we’ve dropped off the face of the earth for the last week or so, and in a way we have—we went back in time thousands of years in our visit to eastern Turkey. We’d thought about staying for Obama’s visit to Istanbul, but then decided it was unlikely that we would […]

This was funny. I have been looking for an electric razor for when I don’t shave for a few days. I bought one for 2 bucks but it wasn’t powerful enough so I went back to the same vendor to look at the others, it was just fella with a table top full of electric […]

That title may seem random, but actually it is Muslim people who are always feeding us :)You all will probably be surprised to learn we are still in Istanbul! This is because we are waiting to get Jacob’s Independent Study American Heritage test proctored. Don’t worry though, there is still plenty to occupy us here […]

Since our 6 week stint in Istanbul will likely be coming to a close soon, I thought I would make a list of Do’s and Don’ts if and when you come to the city…and you really should. We loved it here! DO Visit… The Kariye Church. It’s called the Chora Church in English. It’s a […]