True Love


Jacob has taken me on dates around the world. He deserves some acknowledgement for the amount of creativity and thoughtfulness he has shown me over the last 5 years of marriage. It’s not enough that he has taken me with him all over the world. He still thinks of fun ideas in each country that […]


It was around this time four years ago (four? that seems so long ago) that Jacob invited me to his work Christmas party. We were at an awkward stage—should I go on my mission? Should Jacob prevent me from going on one? He asked me out by sending a text: Date tonite, yes or no? […]


Last night Jacob took me out on a date. No, that’s not what is bizarre. He does thoughtful things like that. He’s a very sweet man. He surprised me with a Chinese vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Salt Lake called Evergreen. We split a dish made from soy that tasted and looked just like shrimp. Yum. It […]

Three years ago today, Jacob and I went on our first date.  Here’s our story. I wish we had more pictures during our dating/engagement/wedding/early marriage, but we didn’t start  getting camera happy until we traveled. In September, a little over three years ago, I announced to Jacob I had decided I was going on a mission […]