On Becoming Healthier

  • Jumper22

    Is it required to increase your vertical? Absolutely not! Is it required to get to 40 inches? Most likely (unless you have great genetics and natural atheltic ability). At some point, in order to increase your vertical anymore, you have to increase your strength, and weight training is the best way to do that. Usually not only increasing strength, but attempting to hypertrophy the prime movers in the jump as well. I’ve increased by vertical about 16 inches, and would NEVER have done that without increasing both my squat and deadlift. 

  • A lot of trainers talk of doing strength phases, but I believe that technique, plyometrics ability, and strength should always be worked consurrently even if the focus does shift.

  • Jumper22

    Oh definitely! At no time do I cut out practicing my jumps (which covers both technique AND plyometric ability to an extent). I’m either doing jumps with weights or jumps with plyos throughout a training phase. Unless you need to get really strong very fast (and therefore can’t afford to waste any energy or recuperative ability from jumping) there’s no need to ever do ONLY strength training.

  • Would love to hear about your training and progress.

  • Jumper22

    Sure…. I’ve been training seriously for about 7 years, number one focus is on vertical and then strength development after that. I’ve brought my vertical up about 16″ in that time, going from 24″ to 40″ (39.5″ if you wanna be picky). Those are running jumps of course because I’m not all that concerned with my standing, but that’s around 35″ I believe. Plan to hit 45″ in the next year or two! 

  • Pretty impressive, I’d love to check out some vids.

    You have a youtube channel.

  • Jumper22

    I don’t have a youtube channel, no. I’ve never made of video of myself jumping. I can’t do any crazy stuff… I’m just a hair shy of 6′ so I can do one hand dunks pretty hard most of the time, 180 one-hand, off a lob, off the backboard…. that kind of thing. I can dunk a guy’s ball from a standstill yet I can’t dunk with two hands because I rely so much on my arm swing. I’m gonna work on that in the next couple weeks.

  • Drop that video on youtube for us.

    Jacob Hiller


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  • Jumper22

    Sure! I’ll work on that over my break.