(Warning: This is kind of a hater post. Sorry.) Thailand is beloved among travellers and I wanted so much to like it, that despite it failing to thoroughly impress the first go round, I booked us a trip there again just to give it a second chance. This time to Chiang Mai, top digital nomad […]


We’ll be headed to China tomorrow and thanks to their special government, it may be that blogger and Facebook are blocked. We’ll try to use a proxy, but if we’re only reachable by email…that’s why. I’m really excited for China. When Jacob and I were dating, and were already talking about marriage, I dropped a […]


I used to think that natural was always your best color. But I am so over my natural color. I love being a redhead! Grandma Campbell, you’ll be proud! :)


Thai names take some getting used to. Because of political problems, we flew direct from Bangkok to Phuket. This is a common fruit that’s hard and whitish and with a seed. 73 We took a break from Phuket, which is Thailan’d’s most touristy island, to go to its least touristy: Koh Yao Yai. We were […]


…To the tune of 15 pounds. Pride is one of my greatest flaws, but I still never saw this one coming. I have always taken pride in being able to eat everything in any quantity I wanted, putting the boys to shame, and staying skinny.  I loved the jealousy directed my way as I scarfed […]