It was around this time four years ago (four? that seems so long ago) that Jacob invited me to his work Christmas party. We were at an awkward stage—should I go on my mission? Should Jacob prevent me from going on one? He asked me out by sending a text: Date tonite, yes or no? […]


Last night Jacob took me out on a date. No, that’s not what is bizarre. He does thoughtful things like that. He’s a very sweet man. He surprised me with a Chinese vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Salt Lake called Evergreen. We split a dish made from soy that tasted and looked just like shrimp. Yum. It […]


I had a really wonderful childhood, for the most part, in large part because my brothers and I got on so well. But we had our share of arguments, fights, and tiffs. Especially when it came to really important issues, like who had taped the cups together in the kitchen. We just didn’t trust each […]


No comments on the last post means I (Kalli) am back ;) It’s been two years since the day we got married, but Jacob thought it was three ;) It does feel like a long time we’ve been married. We have moved probably something like 40 times in those two years.There’s a saying that says […]