Bizarre but nice

Last night Jacob took me out on a date.

No, that’s not what is bizarre. He does thoughtful things like that. He’s a very sweet man.

He surprised me with a Chinese vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Salt Lake called Evergreen. We split a dish made from soy that tasted and looked just like shrimp. Yum.


It was our waitress that made the night a little bizarre. She was a middle-aged woman from Taiwan.

Waitress: Do you speak Chinese?

Jacob: Yes.

Waitress: Nihao.

Jacob: Yang she. (This is the name of our favorite Chinese song.)

Waitress: What?

Jacob, pointing to me: Yang she.

Waitress, clearly touched: Oh…oh. That is so sweet. Liang she.

Jacob and me: Smiling and laughing. We have no idea what is so sweet.

Waitress: She is so beautiful. You are the perfect couple. It is like you are still very much in love.

She leaves.

She brings our food.

Waitress to me: I must tell you something. I feel like I have known you for a very long time.

Me: What’s your name?

Waitress: Anne. Your face, you are so open, so friendly, I feel I can talk to you. What do you think?

Me: Um, sure, yeah I’m pretty open, I like to meet new people. That’s very nice.

Waitress: Where are you from?

Jacob: We have no home. We just travel. We were in China, Thailand, India this year.

Waitress: You look very young, so you must have saved up to do this.

Me: We have internet businesses so we work and travel at the same time.

Waitress: Oh.

She leaves and brings us the check.

Waitress: I have a daughter. She is very young. She is 19 and she is getting married. I am stressed. It is giving me gray hair.

Me: Don’t worry, you look very young!

Waitress: I want my daughter to be like you. You have complete freedom, and this gives you happiness.

Jacob and I, in unison: Are you a fortune teller?

Waitress: Looks at us blankly.

We say our goodbyes and leave.


Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

Kalli Hiller is a voluntary vagabond who, with her husband Jacob, has traveled full time for the last eight years.

Kalli has written 372 awesome articles for us.

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