I had a startling revelation the other day.

Jacob asked me my greatest female role model the other day. Naturally my mom came to my mind. Then my grandmas. Then my mother-in-law.

“Who else?” he wanted to know. I couldn’t think of anyone. There are other women I admire, of course, but role models is a special term. I asked Jacob the same question.

Jacob’s answers were similar.

But ask for male role models, and though our fathers would be mentioned as well, there are so many other male role models to pick from. The US presidents have all been men. In the Church, the prophets are always men. Yes, we have Relief Society presidents, but they change constantly, while you really get to know the twelve apostles.

Athletic role models are usually men. You don’t want to model your life after most of the famous actresses (or actors, for that matter). Most famous business people, members of the military, scientists, politicians are men. Even literary figures and composers seem to be dominated by men.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I’m blown away by the impact you have by being a mother. Our perceptions of womanhood are so greatly influenced by our mothers, because there aren’t nearly the other role models elsewhere like there are for men. Even the scriptures are mostly populated by men, heck, even Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are male. And the most famous woman in the scriptures (after Mary, maybe) was the one who listened to Satan and illegally ate the fruit, after all.

In our church, we often talk about how the priesthood is for men and motherhood is its counterpart. I used to think that seemed a little uneven, when men are fathers, as well. I’m seeing the power of motherhood in a whole different light, after Jacob asked me this question. It is really an underestimated role. I don’t know, what do you guys think? Do you feel like there is a dearth of female role models? Please comment on who your role models are, male or female.

Kalli Hiller

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