Christmas is coming

Instead of posting a list of what I’m grateful for, I’m posting what we want for Christmas.

Awful right?

But it’s coming up on Christmas and I’ve learned most people don’t know how to shop for a couple of nomads.

So, here’s a Christmas list for two people who live out of a suitcase.


What is most important for a travel nomad is for items to be light and to dry quickly. Drying quickly is important because only the US uses driers. Jeans are bad. White is a bad idea; it gets dirty too easily.  Don’t get me started on traveling with garments…

You’d think that buying clothes would be a breeze, but the truth is shopping is draining without a girlfriend to do it with. So I always appreciate clothes. Even though I have enough clothes already, if you get tired of seeing me in the same shirts in all my pictures, think of how excited Jacob gets when he sees me in something new.

This site came recommended

For both of us,

A fleece vest might be nice. Those would warm up any outfit and not take up a lot of space.

For Jacob

He’d like a new pair of khakis that will dry quickly and a pair of light shorts that are at least to the knee.

For me,

Snug-fitting and colorful is usually good.

Athletic shorts


This is always a good category because I like to look nice for Jacob.

I’m looking for a good shiny hair product. If you find one you like, I’m open to try it.

Actually, I like to try any beauty product that someone is truly converted to.


This is always a safe category.

Travel sized laundry detergent, toothpaste, etc.


Vitamins, probiotics, etc


Jacob would like a portable squat flex (Al Hiller), and a portable green screen for videos. And 4 to 6 of the bands:


Any book on the Kindle that you think we would like


Little knick knacks, or items to decorate, or plants. We have two suitcases people. That is it.

To be continued…


Here was our Thanksgiving. Jacob dressed the chicken with butter, garlic, and onions, we had mashed potatoes, the first time I’ve ever made those—wow that was like a home comfort food, brussels sprouts with mushroom, parsley, and lemon juice, and Sprite with juice mixed. Sweet and simple and very tasty. Then we ate gelato and strolled around the Colosseum. Then we walked home and saw Scott Nibley standing across the street. Surprise! He’s going to be staying with us for 10 days. Scott is the one we visited in Jerusalem.





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