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Jacob treated me to a makeup lesson at the spa in Treasure Island. Although I’ve had my make up done before, this time I feel like I walked away with some very usable tips that I’ll be putting into practice right away. I thought I’d share the things she told me, if only to help […]


Instead of posting a list of what I’m grateful for, I’m posting what we want for Christmas. Awful right? But it’s coming up on Christmas and I’ve learned most people don’t know how to shop for a couple of nomads. So, here’s a Christmas list for two people who live out of a suitcase. CLOTHES […]


Hello, it’s Jacob writing here.  Sorry for my hiatus in entries here, I’ll try and post a bit more often.  Kalli takes such wonderful pictures and posts such great and controversial stuff, so it’s hard to compete! – not that it’s a competition… So we ended up in one of the most ghetto places yet […]


  Mom and I at Jack’s choir concert         It snowed here. A lot. The most in 80 years. I have never seen our front yard look like this. Jacob likes this couch where he can stretch out…   Mellie likes to stretch out on Jacob. We spend a lot of time laughing […]

  My conversion to eBook Reading devices is complete. I went into this with a penchant towards wanting to use the device, for economic and logistic reasons, but skeptical that an electrical device could create the same degree of mysticism that a traditional book could create. The reading experience for me has clearly been enhanced.  […]