To have returned to Calcutta is both strange and familiar. It’s not the way I remember it, and I attribute it to four things. One, the weather is so much more comfortable here in January and it affects everything: now young boys are out playing cricket; people are bustling about with less sluggishness; it no […]


To explore a little more about this idea of the sense of contentment in Calcutta… I’ll preface by saying that I have read travelers who have been around the world, traveled to Africa even, and never seen the extent of poverty that can be found here.  I have no idea what it is like in […]


Calcutta is the first place I have cried myself to sleep from thinking about someone else besides myself. Don’t worry—I don’t cry myself to sleep often. But when it has happened in the past, it has always been about my own personal woes. But I have cried myself to sleep here both when I think […]