politcal opinions

In 2012, I barely registered there was an election going on. I was pregnant with Ryder, and it was the furthest thing from my mind in Mexico City. I noted with amusement my mom’s borderline crush on Mitt Romney—he even made our family newsletter—but it didn’t make that much difference to me whether Obama was […]


I read the book “Hiroshima” in high school, and it affected me enough I went home and wrote a song at the piano. I don’t remember the song now, or the book, but I was left with a lingering desire to visit Hiroshima. I loved it. Not only are there the UNESCO World heritage sites […]


Dear veterans, Thank you for dying for                     killing for                      surviving those wars you fought for me?   Because I think differently on this subject than most Americans, I’m choosing to share my thoughts. Before I get started, though, let me just say that I have veterans and soldiers in my family, and among […]

I had a startling revelation the other day. Jacob asked me my greatest female role model the other day. Naturally my mom came to my mind. Then my grandmas. Then my mother-in-law. “Who else?” he wanted to know. I couldn’t think of anyone. There are other women I admire, of course, but role models is […]