A Paradigm Shift in Macedonia



Daily Life in Macedonia

When Ryder was born I was anxious to leave Mexico as soon as possible to prove to myself that our nomadic lifestyle could continue. We spent 10 months in Mexico City and it was really great—(aside from the fact I was pregnant, which was hard.)

I had book club and service projects and movie and kareoke nights to attend.

But there was still Oceania to explore and so we were off. Ryder was two and a half months old.

Twenty plus countries later, Ryder celebrated his second birthday in Macedonia. My sister-in-law organized almost everything.

It all went off without a hitch.

All of a sudden I was sobbing.

I’m sentimental these days now that I’m a mother but this was unexpected.

It was one of those moments in which a flash of undeniable understanding comes.

To have family and friends around for my son at these kinds of times became suddenly a no-question kind of need. I didn’t want him to celebrate any future birthdays alone, even in some exotic country with something exciting to do or see.

In Radovis, Ryder was living a life of an average child. He had cousins, friends to come over and play, grandparents to dote on him, a set routine, a swing, a backyard, his own kiddie pool, his own toys, an aunt and uncle to constantly barge in on. And he loved it. Of course he did.

Ryder is happy wherever he is, and I think a life of travel has taught him to be flexible and to accept what is. Whether that’s spending all day in an airport, skipping naps in order to go to museums, or eating nasi goreng one day and kebabs and pickled vegetables the next. However, I want what Macedonia was for him to be his regular life. Since it’s not possible for him to be around family all the time, at least we can aim to have a community that dotes on him and loves him and knows him. This will entail changes in the future to our lifestyle, no doubt about it.

Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

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