5 tips for staying focused and working on the road – or anywhere.

10 tips for staying focused and working on the road.

Keeping focus and developing routine on the road can prove difficult.  Check out some of these tips for getting er’ done while on the move.

1. Find your happy / productive place.

Find where you can work without distractions.  Ideally I like to rent a place in a ‘collaborative workspace’ which is cheap shared office space – like the picture below of my desk in Scotland.
I usually end up working late nights when my wife and baby (my biggest distractions) are asleep.  
Cafes, lobbys, and spare rooms are also places where I end up setting up shop.

2. Batch your tasks.

For tasks like videos, emails, blogging, or social media do it all ONCE in one big focused sessions.
“Batching” your tasks will help you stay focused on a workflow and help you to get more done by not switching gears as often.
Then schedule your work to be published so you only have to do it once per week / month.

3. Timeboxing.

Timeboxing is the idea of setting a timer and working completely focused on a task until the timer goes off.
You can use any interval timer to do this.
I like to set an initial countdown and when the timer hit’s go… IT’S GO TIME!
During the ‘focus’ interval ay distractions must be put aside or ignored as they come in.
It takes mental energy even to resist distraction so try and get them out of your area or screen before starting.
This is a great way to get into that ‘flow’ state while working.
This is the app I use for MAC – http://laser-focused.com
But any timer will do…
Go between extremely focused time boxing sessions, and breaks where you can relax.

4. Get a team.

Outsourcing can be tricky and I won’t go into all the details.  But get a team and document clear, brainless instructions for tasks that can be done by others.
I use outsourcers in the Philippines which can be purchased for 350 USD / month full time.
With out going into crazy detail here are some other tips.
Choose a ‘managed office’ if possible.
Use www.asana.com to organize yourself.
Use www.hall.com to manage chats.
Use www.invisionapp.com for collaborating on design.
Outsource things like, email (yes they reply to my 95% of my emails), scheduling blog posts or videos etc, design, coding, customer support.
Use www.dropbox.com to manage and share files.
Use www.snagit.com to communicate visually.
Use www.jing.com to make quick videos to share.
Have everyone send a DAR – Daily activity report.

5. Stay organized.

Easier said then done right?  But this doesn’t have to be too crazy.
– Write everything you want to do down… in evernote or asana.com.
– Put the tasks in projects from order of most important to least.
– Make a section for “someday” to put ideas you might get around to, so you can get them out of your head.
– If you have a team assign the tasks so they actually get done.
This is a simplified versions of the “GTD” Getting Things Done system… Which is a great read.
Try to stay busy on things that matter, and not just things that make you feel busy.

Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

Kalli Hiller is a voluntary vagabond who, with her husband Jacob, has traveled full time for the last eight years.

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