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air  Jacob and I have flown a lot of airlines in our day…

And I am just now figuring out miles and programs and that schtick since I’m used to flying standby. Whoops. Missed opportunity.

Anyway the customer service at Air Pacific was pretty dang good.

I’ll tell you what happened when we showed up at the LA airport for Ryder’s first 10 hour (that turned into 12 hour) plane ride. It was an exciting moment, one that we believed would show what mettle our baby was made of. We were lugging 4 suitcases of US item accumulation. That’s 200 pounds of stuff plus two backpacks of probably around 15 pounds each. We were bursting at the seams. I was baby wearing Ryder and hoping not to lose my mind, my passport, and my bag with my new “mommy brain.”

As standby passengers on American Airlines, we’ve gotten spoiled at getting to fly with free luggage. I had misunderstood the luggage requirements for this airline. I thought we got 2 backs at 23 kg a piece. But come to find out, we only could take 23 kg TOTAL. And it was $5 per extra kilogram. We had 50 extra kilograms.

That was one dilemma.

The other dilemma was that I was told I couldn’t get on the plane without a return ticket from New Zealand. We never buy return tickets, and we never know the day we’re going to leave. I thought fast.

I asked for a fully refundable ticket back to the States to purchase immediately. It was very clear that I was going to refund—I’d just said we planned to visit Australia after New Zealand—but the worker was a good sport and cooperated with issuing me the ticket. Except the tickets cost too much to put on one credit card, and the other one was rejected. More juggling, more attempts, finally got it paid. Except the printer wouldn’t work, and so as that dilemma played out, we were looking at a $250 cost to ship our suitcases to NZ.

As one suitcase got weighed and set behind the clerk, he said: “I didn’t see how much that one weighed.” Jacob said playfully, “Oh, that one didn’t weigh anything.” The clerk laughed, then proceeded to take all our luggage without weighing it and just charged us $50. Jacob whispered, “We just got H-O-O-K-E-D UP!”

The fifteen minute countdown began until we had to get through security. The other agent came running up, out of breath, with our $7500 fully refundable return plane tickets. We then rushed through security and arrived at the plane to get on the biggest plane I’ve ever seen. We got to sit in a row with other babies and Ryder had his own bassinet to sleep in. He didn’t cry and just woke up to eat a couple times. Trans-Pacific flight? Easy as pie. Adjusting to the new time zone? Not so easy, but that’s a story for another day.

The flight was uneventful (that’s what I prefer in a flight) and so would I fly with Air Pacific again? YES. But we’ve got to lose one suitcase before we fly to Tahiti at the end of November. Air New Zealand only allows one suitcase per passenger. I think. Guess we’ll see when we show up, because I hate calling corporations to ask questions.

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