Palmerston North’s Top 7 Things to Do

Palmy’s residents are awfully hard on it. A popular way to shoot the breeze seems to be to sit around and make fun of it.

Well, it’s a small town, and it’s not got a beach like a lot of New Zealand cities. But that just goes to show how beautiful New Zealand really is when the “ugly” city is more beautiful than most places we’ve been.

Most people don’t spend a lot of time in this city as a tourist, but since Jacob had a friend there, we ended up spending three weeks. He and Ryder got to know each other pretty well:


Top things to do in Palmerston North:

1. Walk through Esplanade Park and look at the beautiful cherry blossoms.

2. Visit a campervan park and make friends with the people who actually live there year round.

IMG_11903. Grab an open veggie sandwich or a slice of chocolate cake and take advantage of the only unlimited free wifi in town (with outlets hanging from the ceiling) at Marbeck’s on the Square. We were also lucky enough to make a friend here who invited us over for dinner—fresh whitebait, Kiwi specialty.

4. Go shopping in the mall which conveniently has a huge grocery store connected to it.

5. Visit college campuses such as Massey and IPC. IPC had an international spring festival while we were there with cultural dances and booths.

6. Visit the public library—it’s a surprisingly insightful view into the local culture. I was told about a weekly baby class, attended a lecture on New Zealand’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan, and could have checked out not just books, not just movies, but music scores as well. You can even take a shower there. It’s a pretty dang cool library.

7. Drive up to see the windmills on the hills near the city.


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