Nomad or Vagabond

What’s the difference between a nomad and a vagabond?

So recently I’ve been reading about ‘vagabonding’ which is the idea of traveling / wandering for extended periods of time.

While I identified with the idea of slow traveling and the adventuring aspects of vagabonding I felt that our style of living and traveling is different.

We are nomads.

So what’s the difference?

A vagabond wanders the globe as a stranger leaving ‘home’ behind for an eventual return.

A nomad permanently travels and makes the road ‘home.’

One is not better or more holy than the other in the travelers caste system.

A nomad realized that there is not ‘going home’ so establishing a lifestyle and level of comfort on the road is more of a priority.

A vagabond may forgo some some aspects of lifestyle with the understanding that the travel trajectory will eventually land back on home base.

Agree?  Disagree?

Post your comments below.

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