New Zealand or Mexico, Which is Better?

New Zealand is the polar opposite of Mexico City, and in that way it can be nice for a change of pace.

In Mexico City we lived downtown in a two bedroom apartment in a high rise across from the opera house. We had wifi and two showers. Jacob had an office. Our optometrist, dentist, favorite breakfast place, favorite taco stands, and two metro stations and the biggest bus stop in Mexico City were within 5 minutes walk. It was so polluted and loud and crowded. It was 99% Mexican. No one spoke English. Cost of living was low. I did a lot of cooking. I slept in late and went to bed late. Jacob slept in later and went to bed even later. The weather was about 70 degrees year round. The food was unique, spicy, and taco stands were all over the streets. You always wondered when you ate if you’d end up with Montezuma’s revenge later that night. We didn’t dare drink the water—my brother Regan did, a decision he later regretted.


Check out this pre-Hispanic specialty—jamaica flower in mango sauce at Restaurante Chon

In New Zealand we are living in a campervan and staying in parks. We don’t have a bathroom or a shower of our own. Our refrigerator is currently broken and I don’t usually feel like walking out to the camper’s kitchen so we eat out a lot. It’s a tight enough squeeze so that Jacob gets up fairly early because Ryder and I are already up. I’m in bed by 9, often, and Jacob’s in bed by 1, usually—very early for us. The air is fresh—and cold for spring. There’s way more sheep than people in New Zealand. It’s very diverse here with mostly Asian immigrants. The internet situation is a bit dodgy here in NZ. I think because power is so expensive a lot of places don’t have outlets for customers and free wifi is rare. We use internet sticks but it’s $50/200 mb. The cost of living is higher even than the US. The food borders on bland at times but is always served beautifully and wouldn’t ever cause food poisoning. The water tastes like a dream no matter where you are.




Something Jacob and I enjoy doing is switching lifestyles quickly like this. I don’t know we’d want to live in the large and spacious box that is our campervan forever, but living a truly nomadic lifestyle and seeing such isolated and beautiful places is a nice contrast from Mexico…for now.

If you travel, is there a certain lifestyle you prefer? Do you like the big city, nature, or a combination of the two?

Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

Kalli Hiller is a voluntary vagabond who, with her husband Jacob, has traveled full time for the last eight years.

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