Denmark: A Country That Actually Seems to Want You to Visit

I wrote recently that Amsterdam was probably what heaven would look like for me. But if it was your child who wanted to come up with what could be the ideal place to spend eternity, it would probably look something like Denmark.

In a lot of countries you go to, it almost feels like visitors are not actually welcome because things are so inconvenient. This was not the case in Denmark. It was, in fact, such a comfortable and easy visit, it felt like they actually wanted us to come. That sounds like an understatement, but really it was so easy, which was good because it was my first time road tripping anywhere by myself.

From the enormous children’s library in Kolding complete with toys and dress up clothes…


To Legoland’s attention to detail, creative rides, and beauty that was almost Disney-worthy…



To Givskud Zoo which had a life sized dinosaur park…



To the campgrounds at the beaches…


To the family friendly hostels with game rooms and toys…


To the exciting and ancient Viking history at the UNESCO heritage site museum in Jelling IMG_2357

To getting to see handwritten versions of The Little Mermaid at the home of the famous author himself, Hans Christian Anderson.


Avis even gave me an upgrade on my rental car to a standard rather than a manual. I was quite relieved. I learned to drive stick back in the early days of my marriage, but it’s not exactly second nature.


Then, to top it off, it felt so similar to Utah, it was like coming home. I wanted to go to Denmark thanks to my dad’s side of the family originally hailing from there (my maiden name is Hansen—very Danish) and all of the churches were massive, white, and on a hill. If you’ve been to Utah, you’d see the similarity.


IMG_2421 IMG_2254


And the houses looked like this. It was so bizarre. This is not Magna, Utah but it sure could have passed for it. I even imagined it was my grandpa sitting out on that porch…

The cemeteries were all pristine and manicured. It reminded me of my grandma and what she used to say…”A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

After getting to see Scotland, representing my mom’s side of the family, it was fun to compare with Denmark from my dad’s. It was a peaceful, uneventful, and pleasant impression that the country made on me. Ryder, of course, would go back in a heartbeat.

Kalli Hiller

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