10 Things I WON’T Miss About Being Pregnant

Now that I am entering my eighth month of pregnancy, here are the top 10 things I will NOT miss when it’s all over…

10. Looking like I belong in a nursing home because the front of my shirt always has food spilled on it.

9. Forgetting what it feels like to be skinny. No longer feeling curvaceous… just fat. Not being able to keep up with my old workout routine.


Can you believe I’m two months pregnant in this picture…with Alejandro from my study abroad in Vienna and his work buddy near the German museum in Mexico City.

8. Having everyone tell you your life is about to never be the same when you were already perfectly happy with your life.

7. Sleeping on my side because of being unable to walk if I lie on my back for more than 10 minutes.

6. Living in limbo without knowing how this baby thing is going to go down. Spending time with other children and wondering if my child is going to be like that one, and if so, what will I do.

5. Always being hungry yet not being able to satisfy it no matter how much I eat. Feeling guilty for chewing gum (aspartame) yet not stopping. Wondering in general if I’ve done something to hurt the baby unknowingly.

4. Not being able to go to amusement parks, ride horses, bodyboard, etc.

3. Living in Mexico and not being able to handle the chilies…chile on the candy, on the fruit, in the sauces…everything is spicy! When something is bland to everyone else, it tastes just right to me. Like this huevos divorcados (eggs with red and green sauce).


2. Navigating the Mexican health care system. Well, this one probably won’t go away after I stop being pregnant. Although, actually, some of it can be amusing. For example, to get my glucose checked I was sure I would have to drink the special nasty drink friends told me about. So I went to the hospital nearby and they handed me a little green vial. I pantomimed drinking out of it. (Pantomime being necessary when your Spanish is minimal.) No, no, they said. Finally I realized they were just wanting me to see that the needle had never been used. They tested my glucose by drawing my blood instead of that drink. They probably thought I was so weird for trying to drink it. hahaha. The hospital has been around since the 1600s and is quite pretty.


1. Not being able to take medicine!! I’ve had a couple of raging allergy days, the worst sunburn of my life, and a scratchy throat, but I don’t trust doctors that tell me meds are okay. I can’t wait til I can medicate myself again!

I should probably do a post about the ten things I’ll miss most about pregnancy, but perhaps hindsight is 20/20 and I should write that one when I’m not actually pregnant anymore.

Kalli Hiller

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