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The decision to go to Namibia the first week of October was made on rather short notice. My course is so demanding, it takes seven days a week of my time, and it felt like taking a week’s holiday was too luxurious. The two weeks break in March, I’d opted to get caught up and […]


It’s been less than a week, and it’s all I can think about. A pet. I’ve never had my own pet before. The last time I lived with an animal, I was 17 years old, half a lifetime ago. I always assumed I’d have a dog one day…well, Jacob and I are almost to 10 […]


Apparently the age of four was just a blur of countries (about 16 of them). Now Ryder is five years old, and living a life of routine. Mostly. He was attending a Montessori school, but was admitted to the German international school. His teacher, who knew him from the last time we were in Cape […]


I wrote recently that Amsterdam was probably what heaven would look like for me. But if it was your child who wanted to come up with what could be the ideal place to spend eternity, it would probably look something like Denmark. In a lot of countries you go to, it almost feels like visitors […]

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Jacob and I like to banter about which area of the United States could possibly have the ideal set up. As I always say, home is where your friends and family are, but taking that out of the equation…What city in the United States has it all? In the month of March, we visited at […]


When we arrived in Cusco in July, it became clear that putting Ryder in school would be the best thing to do. It’s a relatively small town, and with long days and no neighbor kid friends, I wanted Ryder to have some amigos. We lived in Los Andenes, which is a neighborhood across the street […]


Travelers like to list all the benefits and improvements to life that come with traveling. And surely there are many reasons, or there wouldn’t be such words as “wanderlust” or “fernweh” …The longing to be somewhere far away. I wrote a blog post five years ago, in November of 2010 while we lived in Ghana: […]


To tell the truth, Ryder doesn’t have a favorite country. He’s loved every place we’ve been—I’m not exaggerating. Still, I’ll tell a little about each of the 25 countries Ry’s been to and why he’s loved them. Mexico Ryder was born here. He is a Mexican. How it is kid friendly: He loved all the […]


How do we choose where to live? Often, the easiness of the public transportation will sway us one way or the other. I don’t care for driving. Maybe it’s my poor vision. Maybe it’s the fact that the car accident I was in caused me health problems for years afterwards. Maybe it’s that I don’t […]


Japan is a country of superlatives.   It is the number one I’ve seen in more than one category, and I’m already reaching those conclusions after three weeks only in Tokyo. I think I’m having reverse culture shock. So often, when I arrive in a new place, I compare the new country negatively with America […]