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It was just a regular day trip to start out with. A long train ride down to the southern parts of Cape Town. I’m nearly always the only white person I see on them. The reason being that white people have cars here, and the trains and public transportation are for the coloureds, and the […]

lido deck

When I was engaged I won a drawing at a bridal fair. The lady at the fair told me, when I showed up, “I knew it was meant for you!” I have a suspicion that she said that because I was not “dressing my truth.” Since then, Dressing Your Truth has become semi-famous in Utah. […]

I just turned 30 years old. To commemorate, I thought I’d share 30 books that I’ve read this year. I’d heard of Scribd but hemmed and hawed at another monthly fee. Bar none, it’s worth every cent. Jacob’s already been converted with Audible, at $16/month. But I just don’t jive with listening to books the […]

flight of the ryde

I really appreciate the way you live your life and I have the same philosophy, I’m 18 and have no "career cage experience", no uni degree or any experience in industry, will this inhibit my ability to craft my own life/ business. I’m in my last year at 6th form and am doing a gap […]


When a friend asked me to make a list of my recommended contemporary British and American novels, I felt happy for the challenge. Because for all my wanderlust, my first love was reading. And there’s something about staying cozily inside with a tasty snack and a thunderstorm, that is as satisfying for me, or more, […]

Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is. ~From Bhagavad Gita One of the major ways I have kept myself busy in Sydney is attending every possible religious service from every possible religion I can. Because it’s an international city and the language is English, I felt it would be the […]

basketball family

When a friend told me she thought everyone should be a mom the way I think everyone should travel, I had to stop and think. The question of whether everyone should be a parent is something for another day. For now, Do I, expatriate for nearly 5 years now and no-holds-barred travel lover, really feel […]


My child is a year old today. It’s been a wonderful, crazy, lovely, and sometimes difficult and lonely ride this last year through Mexico, the U.S., New Zealand, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, and Australia. The most amazing journey that has occurred, though, is not the distances covered by land but rather the changes that have […]

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What do you think is the biggest problem to overcome if you want to travel long term? Some would say it’s money. I don’t think it is. At a minimum, if you speak English you can get an English speaking job all over Asia, and then switch countries each year if you wanted to keep […]

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All of a sudden, there’s only a week left until my due date. There were so many things I wanted to document and now I’ve forgotten them. Like things about what kind of mom I want to be. That’s gone out the window as I’m now just trying to learn how to meditate, gather documents […]