What is location independence?

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What is location independence?

Location independence is a buzz term that’s been floating around in the digital ¬†world. It’s a new term because it’s a way of life brought about largely by the internet, and it’s only now starting to develop and make a name for itself.

It means a revolutionary idea for most people, one that our grandparents could only dream of. Even entrepreneurs in an earlier age could not have guessed what it could really mean to work for one’s self, anywhere.

Location independence means absolute and total freedom.

This freedom means that an individual and his family could live in any country in the world, in any manner that they choose, stay as long as they like, and move elsewhere at their choosing.

This is made possible by earning an income that is irrelevant to where you are located.

That is why the internet has created an explosion of these newly made location independent entrepreneurs, who, with just a laptop, a good idea, and perserverence, can earn income from anywhere.

This idea is not mainstream right now, but it’s sure to grow as more people realize that the current economy is not going to hand them money on a platter. People these days need to find a way to inject value into the marketplace on their own.

Here are three ideas for a location independent business:

  1. Develop a skill that requires no face to face contact and that can be shared via your computer. This could be design, website development, or even bookkeeping.
  2. Invest in real estate. There are families on the road today who completely fund their travels through the income they make on real estate investments. If you have renters who pay you monthly, this is an easy way to earn money simply for owning a property. You can hire a property manager to avoid having to take care of it yourself.
  3. Are you an expert at something? Do you know a skill that you could teach others how to do? If so, you are a prime candidate for writing an ebook. Many self-made millionaires on the internet today did so by selling informational products. It will require some know-how from you to get your product available and ready to sell, but don’t write off something that seems so simple.

Take a moment to think what being location independent would mean for you and your family. Many people live their lives as victims of circumstance. What would you be doing today if you had the opportunity to live anywhere and spend your time however you wanted? It’s a question to take seriously, because there’s no reason why you couldn’t, and shouldn’t, be able to achieve that potential.

Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

Kalli Hiller is a voluntary vagabond who, with her husband Jacob, has traveled full time for the last eight years.

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