Q&A: Should I Go to University or Travel?

I really appreciate the way you live your life and I have the same philosophy, I’m 18 and have no "career cage experience", no uni degree or any experience in industry, will this inhibit my ability to craft my own life/ business.

I’m in my last year at 6th form and am doing a gap year next year, I then have the option of university the year after. Despite this, I really want to start the "free range" lifestyle ASAP.

can you offer any advice.
many thanks, George


Hi George,

I think you’re one step ahead of the game by having an idea of what you want after just finishing –well, whatever you call it where you’re from, I call it high school– and questioning what path it is that’s going to take you there.

We’ve met travelers from all over the world, and they all have very different backgrounds, experience, and ways of life.

There is no one set path that will get you to the free range lifestyle.

flight of the ryde

Our free range baby

First of all, do you wish to work and travel, or work THEN travel?

Many people who love travel choose to do so in their free time after working 8 hours a day 5 days a week. They take their 2 weeks or month of vacation and try to squeeze in as many countries as possible. This isn’t the free range lifestyle, and I imagine this is the kind of lifestyle you AREN’T looking for.

I have to admit that the *majority* of college and university degrees are going to be preparing you for this kind of work and lifestyle. But not all of them, necessarily

If you want to work AND travel, then you may wish to become an internet entrepreneur.

This sort of business does not necessarily require a lot of experience, but passion, dedication, and interest in getting the word out about a particular subject or product.

But perhaps you don’t want to do internet business. There are still other options for you to work and travel. Lots of bloggers have written about this subject, but teaching English, WOOFing, housesitting, working at hostels for food, becoming a dive instructor, buying property and leasing it out, trading stocks, working on cruise ships…there are a lot of options that you can pursue.

So: You’ll need to decide if you want to do your gap year now or after university. If you wait to go to university and travel for a year first you could get an idea of what you like and what are you are interested in and how you think you can create and bring value to the world.

If you do go to university first, I would recommend these types of studies for making money on the road:





Teaching English as a Second Language


Or even better yet, finding successful online programs and mentors that teach you this kind of thing and skipping university altogether…school can be a scam.

That’s a little tongue in cheek, but, depending on what you choose to study, there’s no guarantee that what you learn will be useful or even get you a job, and you can end up like too many other people I know, with thousands of dollars in debt and nothing to show for it.

But university is a heck of a good time. And people often meet their significant other there, and make lifelong friends. I wouldn’t write off the experience entirely. Whether or not you go now or after traveling. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

What do my readers think?

Kalli Hiller

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