Q&A: How Do I Get Started With My Managed Office?

I’ve received three questions lately that can be answered in one post. Here they are:

I really need to spend time with my little one (development delay) he is 2 years old and need mom and I closer so we can support him. we got to this country (USA) couple years ago looking for political asylum (thanks god we got it). we don’t have any family in this country and to be honest our jobs does not help a lot, financially speaking we are broke and don’t know what to do. How can i make money online for my family in a short amount of time? is very urgent.


Hi jacob,
I watched your earning wealth from clickbank website, its amazing. Kindly help me how can i improve or promate my affiliate link to at least earn money daily 50$
Kindly help me


Just wondering where you can recommend finding a team in the Philippines. I’ve used eLance quite a bit, but wondering if you have any more specific recommendations for setting up a ‘Managed Office’?

Many thanks



First, create your product or choose someone’s else’s product.

There are several ways of making money online, of course. One is creating and selling your own product. In order to do so, you need to find a niche in which you can be an expert. Not THE expert, but AN expert, and then create something that will be useful or valuable to customers.

If you don’t feel like you are ready to create your own product, you can sell other people’s products. To do so, you will become what is called an affiliate.

jm book imageAn affiliate does not necessarily mean that you are a second rate earner in the partnership. For example, in Jacob’s ebook The Jump Manual, our affiliates earn 75% of each sale. Yes, that means more than what we earn. It’s meant to incentivize and attract the top affiliates on the market.

I’d suggest looking at working through Clickbank—the best and largest online source of affiliate products.

Sign up with Clickbank.


To sign up, you’ll choose a username and get emailed a password. It’s free. The first couple of paychecks are sent to your home address and after that you can get paid electronically.

Then click on marketplace from the home page, and you can try different keywords of products you think you’d like to sell. You’ll click promote and fill out your information.

Here’s some key terms to understand:

Gravity: You can find this listed under the product. A gravity of over 100 may mean it is too crowded and you will have a lot of competitors. A gravity under 40 may mean the product is not as popular as you’d prefer.

myebookmaster imageInitial $ per sale: How to judge how profitable the product will be for you. Don’t ignore the average rebill per sale, either: many products on Clickbank offer a monthly service and you as the affiliate will continue to receive payments. For example, in our ebook creation software, My Ebook Master, the initial sale is $19, but the rebill is $140.

Avg %/sale: This is the percentage of how the vendor or product creator will split proceeds with you as the affiliate.

Tracking ID: This is optional, only necessary if you wish to manage different campaigns and see which one sells the best.

Hoplink: The link Clickbank will give you in order to track and pay which sales come from you.

So—first question, how do I make money online? Answer: Get started selling your own product on Clickbank, or becoming an affiliate of a relatively successful product.


Second question: How to make $50 a day from your affiliate link?

Answer: Well that is the golden question isn’t it? There’s tons of stuff you can do. Make a Youtube channel, try article marketing, learn how to rock Facebook ads…there’s no one answer to this question. But do consider this: think about outsourcing the stuff you don’t know how to do or that take a lot of time to a team in the Philippines.


Why the Philippines as opposed to India?

The communication is easier, the skill level is as good or better, the prices are the same, and they are very loyal so the amount of time you put into training them will not be wasted.

Jacob has been working with the same team for a year and a half now. This team will do ANYTHING. It has or can build our websites, create Excel worksheets for bookkeeping, look for housing in foreign countries, make videos, check our emails, develop ads…  We also have an independent contractor handling support in the States.

Answer to third question: How did we find our managed office?

Check out John Jonas.

We found our team via Replace Myself and OnlineJobs.ph, created by John Jonas. You will find very qualified people sending you their resumes by the hour. It’s a monthly fee; I don’t know the current price. It’s worth it. You can cancel that once you’ve created your team if you wish.

If you can find someone that you trust, who works fast and can create what you envision, you will be able to get your product (or your affiliate product) out and making money that much faster and that much easier, rather than get caught in details.

We manage our tasks with Asana, a free productivity tool that requires no email.

One downside to the Philippine team: The majority of these people are not creatives. They aren’t going to be the ones to go to for tossing around ideas. They’re going to be looking to you to make decisions and tell them as exactly as possible what to do. Don’t expect them to offer savvy business advice or to write a bestselling book for you.

But if you have a business plan, and a product you’re excited about, and a niche that isn’t too saturated—then a team behind you to get things moving could be what rockets your business forward. If you need to, move into your parent’s basement, hire your team, tuck yourself into your business and remember Jacob’s mantra:


Good luck!

Kalli Hiller

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