Hug Your People: A Book Review

From Valentine’s Day 2011…

Somewhere along the way I’ve moved from fiction to getting into business, travel and biographical works. I’m sure I’ll develop an interest in fiction again, probably once living near a library.

Book: Hug Your People: The proven way to hire, inspire, and recognize your team and achieve remarkable results

hug your people

Got this book for Jacob on Valentine’s Day. but ended up reading it myself. On Valentines Day, Jacob and I spent the entire day flying from Calcutta to Mumbai to Doha to Nairobi to Kigali. So we bought each other presents at the duty-free shop. Cute huh? Winking smile 

He bought me a book called Shabhaa at Sixty about an Indian woman who turns 60 and faces menopause. I never thought about the subject before! haha He thought it was just about a feisty, strong woman which I usually prefer.

Anyway, this is the information that I would impart to Jacob about the people we have been hiring lately (we have started outsourcing like crazy.)

1. With new associates, send congratulatory notes after 1-2-3 months to make them feel welcome.

2. Give a surprise early-bird bonus.

3. Hire people who are nice. How can you tell if they are nice? Would you like to sit by them on an around-the-world flight?

4. Be a transparent company. Share your stats of the company, like sales/refund rate, so associates know how your company is performing overall.

5. Don’t reprimand, give “feedback”.

6. Have expectations and standards, not “rules”

7. Build pride—making people feel like they are the business— with an inspiring corporate mission statement, a tribute film tracing your company’s history, user-friendly technology, educational opportunities (like a “company university”)

8. Seek input from everyone, not just the bigwigs. Ask, “what could I do to make your life easier?”

9. Reasons to fire someone: Stealing, violating trust, incompetent skills, won’t change to evolving times.

10. Pay your associates well–at least as much if not more than your competitors.

11. Only start rewards systems you are sure you can continue.

12. Replace negative words with positive words

Challenge vs problem

Associate vs employee

Standards instead of rules or regulations

Education instead of training

Projects and programs instead of jobs and tasks

Let me be candid instead of let me be honest

I like this, and instead of I like this, but

What do you think instead of I’ll do it all myself.

Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

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