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When I was engaged I won a drawing at a bridal fair. The lady at the fair told me, when I showed up, “I knew it was meant for you!” I have a suspicion that she said that because I was not “dressing my truth.” Since then, Dressing Your Truth has become semi-famous in Utah. […]

flight of the ryde

I really appreciate the way you live your life and I have the same philosophy, I’m 18 and have no "career cage experience", no uni degree or any experience in industry, will this inhibit my ability to craft my own life/ business. I’m in my last year at 6th form and am doing a gap […]

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I’ve received three questions lately that can be answered in one post. Here they are: I really need to spend time with my little one (development delay) he is 2 years old and need mom and I closer so we can support him. we got to this country (USA) couple years ago looking for political […]


Some studies this year have ranked Sydney as the third most expensive city in the world. And we were crazy enough to choose to live there for four months… Why? Well, it’s the capital city of the final continent for us to visit besides Antarctica. And it’s just so dang convenient. English speaking, very American-feeling, […]


Question: Do you have any ideas or resources to help my husband start a portable business? He has a background in finance.   Why yes… yes I do. Finance is an excellent background for a portable business. What should someone be looking for in a portable business? Essentially, you want a way to make money […]

   Jacob has been reading “Atlas Shrugged.” By reading, I mean listening to on Audible. Because I’m cheap, I’ve started listening to books on Audible too, even though I prefer to read them, so we don’t purchase two copies of the same book. I read “The Fountainhead” and “Anthem” back in high school, and I […]

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From Valentine’s Day 2011… Somewhere along the way I’ve moved from fiction to getting into business, travel and biographical works. I’m sure I’ll develop an interest in fiction again, probably once living near a library. Book: Hug Your People: The proven way to hire, inspire, and recognize your team and achieve remarkable results Got this […]

Jacob working in a hostel in Cappadocia, Turkey What is location independence? Location independence is a buzz term that’s been floating around in the digital  world. It’s a new term because it’s a way of life brought about largely by the internet, and it’s only now starting to develop and make a name for itself. […]

Please vote: Do any of these sound promising for a new travel/business website? I’m looking to capture a crowd who wants to travel permanently and make a living—a good one, not just scraping by–while doing it. I’m going to make business cards with this website on it for every time someone asks how they can […]