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When I was engaged I won a drawing at a bridal fair. The lady at the fair told me, when I showed up, “I knew it was meant for you!” I have a suspicion that she said that because I was not “dressing my truth.” Since then, Dressing Your Truth has become semi-famous in Utah. […]


PART THREE: The Second Surgery And we were off—to Austin for a business conference, and then the Caribbean to learn French. I kept expecting my breathing to improve—which the doctor claimed was all part of the healing process. It never did, and then I got pregnant. It was a moment-to-moment irritation for me. I could […]

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PART TWO: The First Surgery After talking it over with Jacob, I decided to do it. He really thought I should, this being the only chance I might have since it was all paid for. The lawyer thought I should, because it would mean getting more money from settling. I waffled a lot because I […]


PART ONE: The Car Accident The month before we married: my family bridal shower Days before Jacob and I got married, I was in a car accident. At the time, I believed it was the devil who was trying to prevent a match made in heaven. I’m no longer so superstitious. It wasn’t a serious […]

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  It can be dangerous to travel without access to a scale. The weight can creep up on you. I gained 15 pounds in India without even noticing. What I did notice is that even walking 15-20 minutes was a big effort, that I was tending towards wearing baggier clothes, and that I didn’t feel […]


  So since living in Mexico City I’ve been trying different recipes and I haven’t found my groove yet with my vegetarian meals. I did the crockpot for a while, but too many of the recipes had cream of mushroom soup in it and it got a little old. Furthermore, I think the crockpot is […]


At the Mexico City anthropological museum in front of the Mayan calendar. I went with a couple ladies from Church. As a follow up to my last couple of posts, I guess I should clarify that being pregnant is just about the most vulnerable I’ve ever been, which is a bit scary. Despite my best […]


    In India, many people commented on my weight loss. In fact, one lady at Church, who can’t speak English, managed to ask me “Health?” Someone said that she thought that I must have lost weight from illness. Women in India are all a little rounder and curvier and generally that’s encouraged; it’s the […]


In the Italian gym, they have a food pyramid that is posted. It’s different than the American food pyramid. Could this be one reason why there is practically not a single overweight person in all of Rome, despite the pasta, pizza, and gelato galore? Or maybe it’s just because everyone here is a chronic smoker […]


I remember the first time I met someone who was vegetarian and I thought he was really strange. Definitely not the kind of person who would convert me to the idea or anything like that. Who knew that several years later I’d have joined his ranks? Since I eat fish, I guess I’m technically a […]