New Zealand


This is my first Thanksgiving as a mother. Being a mother was not one of my highest priorities. It was one of those things that I figured would probably come one day, but I wasn’t going to seek it out.   After I got married, having kids still wasn’t on my radar. At all. I […]


I’ve had several people tell me this: I would never want to live like you do, traveling from one country to the next. I’d rather stay home [and take my token two week vacation and cram my travel and relaxation period into it, instead]. I have two things to say to this: First, you have […]


What makes the South Island’s beauty unique is that it is so uniform. No matter where you’re driving, on highway or byroad, you will be awed. It’s what makes campervaning the perfect way to travel New Zealand. Here are our favorites: 1. Hike the Fox and Franz glaciers. 2. Indulge at the chocolate factory of […]


The answer is yes, but not necessarily because it’s fun. I guess some people think it’s fun, but I was all butterflies and no words when Jacob and I made the ascent. Where was Ryder? He was getting babysat by a friendly employee 43 meters below us. We did it tandem, and even when we […]

I tried the DSLR route. I gave it my best shot. And I found out I’d rather just have a really nice point and shoot. The thing with DSLRs is, you have to carry around equipment. Lenses, bag, tripod, and well… I’ve got a baby. I don’t need more gear to carry around. Part of […]


  100% of the American nomadic families and indefinite travellers I follow online who have openly professed their political beliefs are libertarians. I’ll have to go into why I think that is another time. In any event, to a libertarian, the difference between a Democrat and a Republican is very small. It’s somewhat amusing to […]


Jacob and I are living our dream. Our (current) dream is to live wherever we want, do whatever we want, and do it with a baby. It’s working out really quite amazingly. Ryder gives us more responsibility, yes, but more purpose too, making our travels have that extra added depth without removing too much spontaneity. […]


Wellington is charmingly nicknamed “the coolest little capital in the world.” Here’s my list of must-do’s for the city: 1. Eat Mexican food from the only Mexican who’s ever lived outside of the US or Mexico! Well, I’ve never met a traveling Mexican before, anyway—he married a Kiwi and moved here, and authentic Mexican food […]


Ah, internet. The quest that never ends. Here’s the deal with internet in New Zealand: it’s there, it’s fast enough, and it’s expensive. Or: you don’t have it. There are three companies that compete with each other here. 2Degrees, Telecom, and Vodafone. They all offer internet sticks. You buy a SIM card on a plan, […]


Palmy’s residents are awfully hard on it. A popular way to shoot the breeze seems to be to sit around and make fun of it. Well, it’s a small town, and it’s not got a beach like a lot of New Zealand cities. But that just goes to show how beautiful New Zealand really is […]