Can someone please explain to me why people are so against healthcare reform? I am annoyed by all the requests on Facebook to have me fight against healthcare reform.

USA healthcare may be the worst thing about our country! (It’s either that or the fact that we don’t have public transportation and destroy the environment with automobiles) It needs to be fixed. It should be a priority. Even some steps in the wrong direction will be better than stagnation (and consequent price inflation).

It is Wrong how expensive it is to buy simple health needs. The prescription medication companies are secretly making a killing of a profit. Like 500 percent profits on something that is a life or death issue–something that people have to buy or they could die. In India, that’s against the law. And in India, I just bought a year’s worth of prescription medicine for $3.

If you travel at all you will be astonished at the price differences. People in other countries worry about visiting ours because of the prohibitive costs in the case they needed some kind of care on a visit.

People are fighting against this unknowing that it is the health insurance companies that are feeding them misinformation.

They are fighting against healthcare reform because they have never had a personal problem with it. What they don’t know is that at anytime, they could be diagnosed with a chronic illness and face bankruptcy because of the high costs. Or that they could lose their job, lose their health plan concurrently, and then find they are unable to even pay for a doctor’s visit.

It could happen to anyone, but as long as they have their health insurance, they think they are safe. It is a false sense of security. What is a truly secure back up plan, and what I plan to do annually at this rate, is you can always travel to another country and take advantage of their cheap health care if you really needed something.

I imagine it is the same in India. People may be saying, “Education is a right!” But the private schools don’t want to lose their profits and so they would put up an enormous amount of resistance if India tried to make public school a universal right.

It seems that many disagree but they don’t have solutions that they are trying to implement. They are just “anti.” Come up with a solution and fight to get it passed like Obama has tried to get his passed instead of just saying “No!”

Just my opinion.

Kalli Hiller

Article by Kalli Hiller

Kalli Hiller is a voluntary vagabond who, with her husband Jacob, has traveled full time for the last eight years.

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