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Can someone please explain to me why people are so against healthcare reform? I am annoyed by all the requests on Facebook to have me fight against healthcare reform. USA healthcare may be the worst thing about our country! (It’s either that or the fact that we don’t have public transportation and destroy the environment […]

I’ve decided to give awards and “first times” for all the cities we’ve been in over the last year…Travel is all about superlatives, right? Global Cities Awards For Our First Year of Travel According to Kalli in Collaboration With JacobHeiligenhaus, Germany:First Time to Visit Germany after studying German for Many YearsMost Rural German CityMost Difficult […]

Three years ago today, Jacob and I went on our first date.  Here’s our story. I wish we had more pictures during our dating/engagement/wedding/early marriage, but we didn’t start  getting camera happy until we traveled. In September, a little over three years ago, I announced to Jacob I had decided I was going on a mission […]