How to easily root Galaxy S3

Best phone around right now is the Samsung Galaxy S3.  It’s fast, amazing camera, and super customizable.

Rooting your phone allows you access to backup data, overclock, and install custom interfaces and tweaks.

The roots for the Galaxy S3 is amazingly easy, and doesn’t erase or make you lose any data it quickly and easily roots the bad boy and leaves it’s state untouched.

I’m not responsible for anything you do to your phone or problems you have, but it’s a very smooth process as you will see.

Before you start, backup your phone or put all the files on your hard drive so you have a backup just in case.

Step by step guide to root your Galaxy S3.

Before you start, put your phone in download mode.

Do this by holding down on volume down, home, and power until it says "continue".  Press volume up to continue and leave your phone in download mode.


Download… Kies, and the other files necessary.

You can download them all here:
Click to download Galaxy S3 Rooting Files


Run the Kies program contained in the downloaded folder.

Run the device manager.


You should see this:



Plug in your Galaxy S3 phone via USB.


Run the Odin.exe program:


Then select the PDA button:


And select the file:

“CF-Root-SGS3-v6.1.tar” (included in download)

Then Click START.


Your phone will reboot and install the root files for you.

You can test it by opening up Titanium Backup or any other program.. or see if the Superuser program shows up in applications.

If you get stuck or don’t see anything, follow the direction through again and it should be fine.

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