Choosing Mexico to Have a Baby

Sometimes the nomadic lifestyle can be stressful. At no other time was it more stressful than when I found out I was pregnant in Guadeloupe.

Because even though technically I was choosing to try to conceive, I thought it would take a while. I even convinced myself I might be unable to have kids.

Anyway I found myself pregnant immediately. And I was on a French-speaking island, without a support system or access to good healthcare, nor was I thrilled to be pregnant.

Just really scared.

Finding out you’re pregnant in an absolutely stable situation is scary. When you don’t speak the language, have a doctor, or even a friend that you can communicate with it is really rough.

To compound the situation, that same day our apartment owner kicked us out of our apartment.

The apartment owner had a mental injury from a motorcycle accident. He was in a coma for several months. This was before we met him.

He was a very paranoid man.

After about six weeks in the apartment, he tells Jacob that he doesn’t trust “what we’re doing in there.” That when he knocks, we don’t answer the door soon enough. And that when Jacob says “it’s just Kalli putting her contacts on in the morning” he says, “I know how long it takes to put contacts in. You don’t respect me.”

It turns into the owner screaming furiously at Jacob and telling him he wanted us out of the apartment, NOW.

I hear the screaming and think someone’s broken their arm, or something.

Jacob convinced him to let us stay another week.

We then had to decide where exactly we were going to have the baby.

Within the week.

Our choices were:



Montevideo, Uruguay

Escazu, Costa Rica


Utah was an obvious choice. It has some of the lowest birth mortality rates in the nation, I have all my extended family there, and there are a lot of birth options (midwifes, birth centers) due to the high birth rate there. However, I had no insurance for the US, and I wanted the baby to have birthright citizenship in a foreign country.

Exit Utah.

Canada would be a great place to have secondary citizenship. However, no place I contacted seemed to be able to guarantee a midwife in time, there were such long waiting lists.

Exit Canada.

Uruguay is the most developed country in South America, and it’s welcoming to expats. However, it was a thirteen hour flight away from the States, not convenient for visiting.

Exit Uruguay.

Costa Rica ticked a lot of boxes. It had a hospital with water birth. It came recommended from another traveling family. Medical tourism is popular there. But Jacob thought it sounded too small and boring. He preferred Mexico.

Exit Costa Rica.

Mexico it is.

Now where in Mexico?

I wanted a water birth (which didn’t end up happening, but this is how I made my decision.)

And most of all, I wanted to be safe. Mexico’s crime rates are infamous.

I determined that Mexico City had a large expat, English-speaking community. Its crime rates were lower than those of Kansas City, Missouri, the area Jacob is from. And they had a natural-leaning hospital.

Within a week we were in Mexico.

acupulco photo

Acapulco, Mexico, 7 months pregnant

Stay tuned for more. In the mean time, here are some resources for people looking to have a baby abroad:


Contact information for natural-leaning doulas and doctors:



Costa Rica:


Mexico City:

Dr Lujan: We do water birth in Mexico City, and we work in 2 different hospitals, Santa Monica and Medica Sur Lomas. If you wish we can offer you an appointment to show you how we work. You can also visit our web Any doubt you can call me. 55 21 29 26 09.


Dr Bergeron: Yes i do speak fluent English. I do plenty of waterbiths here in mexico city. the hospital where I work we do have water births and practice what is none as none-medicalized births or humanizing births.

Here is the link to the hospital. If you have any questions please feel free to call me, or email me.

warm regards,


Laura CaoRomero Alcalá

Cons 5663 0710

Cel 55 54383513


Monterrey, Mexico

Hi Kalli, yes i speak English better than i write, are you coming to Monterrey Mexico ? We attennd water births in 2 diferent hospitals here, and also we attend sometimes homebirths. If you call me by telephone it will be better for me to explain everything, my tel home  number is (81) 83734339 and my cel (81) 81620282. It will be very nice for me to talk with you and better more to meet you.

I am at your service



Elizabeth Cholow


San Miguel de Allende

Kalli Hiller

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