I am moving abroad and already pregnant. Any thoughts about what my next steps should be to prepare for the moving will be appreciated.. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Having a baby in Mexico ended up being a great experience for me. Here are the steps I recommend when thinking about having a baby abroad. First, […]

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Sometimes the nomadic lifestyle can be stressful. At no other time was it more stressful than when I found out I was pregnant in Guadeloupe. Because even though technically I was choosing to try to conceive, I thought it would take a while. I even convinced myself I might be unable to have kids. Anyway […]


I did not have a natural labor a year ago this month because I wanted to prove anything. In fact, if they invent a risk-free pain relief solution for the next child I have, believe you me I will be on board. The natural birthing people can kind of creep me out anyway. For example, […]


Best phone around right now is the Samsung Galaxy S3.  It’s fast, amazing camera, and super customizable. Rooting your phone allows you access to backup data, overclock, and install custom interfaces and tweaks. The roots for the Galaxy S3 is amazingly easy, and doesn’t erase or make you lose any data it quickly and easily […]


Both great phones are the Galaxy s3 and the iphone 4s. The Galaxy s3 wielded by myself, and the iphone 4s by Kalli. So we too the exact picture (pretty much) in the exact same light. And here is what we got: So you tell me in your comments below… who wins left or right?  […]


  So since living in Mexico City I’ve been trying different recipes and I haven’t found my groove yet with my vegetarian meals. I did the crockpot for a while, but too many of the recipes had cream of mushroom soup in it and it got a little old. Furthermore, I think the crockpot is […]

Since Kalli talked some Ayn Rand… I’d take some time to organize my thoughts so far on her philosophies… I really like her emphasis on individual purpose and creation in life. I appreciate how she glorifies our own ability to create… HERE AND NOW.. and how she creates a world in which human purpose and […]

   Jacob has been reading “Atlas Shrugged.” By reading, I mean listening to on Audible. Because I’m cheap, I’ve started listening to books on Audible too, even though I prefer to read them, so we don’t purchase two copies of the same book. I read “The Fountainhead” and “Anthem” back in high school, and I […]

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All of a sudden, there’s only a week left until my due date. There were so many things I wanted to document and now I’ve forgotten them. Like things about what kind of mom I want to be. That’s gone out the window as I’m now just trying to learn how to meditate, gather documents […]


I don’t know why it was so important to me to have a baby shower. It wasn’t for the gifts-not when we are non-traditionalists in that way. We haven’t personally bought the baby any toys or outfits. The baby won’t have his own bedroom. He doesn’t have a crib. We don’t own a car so […]