Tabassum and I have a funny friendship. I don’t recall ever being in the position before as the “corrupting” friend. Yet, with my friend Tabassum of Calcutta, she is one of the most sheltered, naïve 28-year-olds that I have ever known—so I am the liberal, radical, rule-bending one. Well, come to think of it, my […]


I tutored Rahul, the sharpest boy at Daya Dan, for the month we were there. He made me a list of countries which Jacob and I should visit, including dates. He asked me to sign and date the document, and to give it to Jacob to sign and date as well. He also asked me, […]


The reason we returned to Calcutta so soon was because Arnab invited us to his wedding. Arnab is a friend of ours that we met last time we were here. He gave me a gift of earrings (the same ones he gave his girlfriend, he told me) as well gave Jacob and I as a […]


I’ve missed the boys at Daya Dan so, so much. So it was with great anticipation that I returned to Nimtala Ghat Street. I took an auto rickshaw to Kankurgachi, then one to Maniktola, and finally walked the length of the road to Nimtala Ghat Street because I was early and needed to pass the […]


To explore a little more about this idea of the sense of contentment in Calcutta… I’ll preface by saying that I have read travelers who have been around the world, traveled to Africa even, and never seen the extent of poverty that can be found here.  I have no idea what it is like in […]


Calcutta is the first place I have cried myself to sleep from thinking about someone else besides myself. Don’t worry—I don’t cry myself to sleep often. But when it has happened in the past, it has always been about my own personal woes. But I have cried myself to sleep here both when I think […]


No comments on the last post means I (Kalli) am back ;) It’s been two years since the day we got married, but Jacob thought it was three ;) It does feel like a long time we’ve been married. We have moved probably something like 40 times in those two years.There’s a saying that says […]