Clickbank has helped us travel the world and expand our business.  Here is Kalli on our apartment balcony in Rome wearing our “The World is Mine” Clickbank tee. We are looking forward to our Las Vegas visit with Clickbank and the Affiliate Summit.  Then we are off to India in mid January. If anyone […]

You visit the Sistine Chapel and say, This is it?


In the Italian gym, they have a food pyramid that is posted. It’s different than the American food pyramid. Could this be one reason why there is practically not a single overweight person in all of Rome, despite the pasta, pizza, and gelato galore? Or maybe it’s just because everyone here is a chronic smoker […]


Within one day of being in Italy Jacob announced that he could spend the rest of his life here. While I don’t doubt that he loves it, I wonder if it could partially be the change of scene from Ghana, human development: low to… Rome. From raw poverty to polished sophistication  From aggressive sales pitches […]