Jacob unloading the sheroot, or large group taxi, on our way to the airport. Military man with gun shopping in the twisted alleyways of the Old City. Storekeepers here are the most aggressive we’ve ever met, with the cheesiest lines: “It doesn’t cost to look!” “Where you from?” “Made in China! Maybe” and “Where you […]

Weird faces in front of ancient ruins Because I have read the Bible since I was a small child, and because I have studied the life and history of Old Testament prophets both at the university and privately, I had quite high expectations of seeing Israel. But Jerusalem is one of those places that no […]

Old Jerusalem is like a blast from the past, err is the past… .that’s really corny so let’s start over.Jerusalem is really neat… Ok.. let’s just look at some pictures first… This is the room where tradition says that the last supper was had. This is the wailing wall, or the west wall. It is […]