Tabassum and I have a funny friendship. I don’t recall ever being in the position before as the “corrupting” friend. Yet, with my friend Tabassum of Calcutta, she is one of the most sheltered, naïve 28-year-olds that I have ever known—so I am the liberal, radical, rule-bending one. Well, come to think of it, my […]


I tutored Rahul, the sharpest boy at Daya Dan, for the month we were there. He made me a list of countries which Jacob and I should visit, including dates. He asked me to sign and date the document, and to give it to Jacob to sign and date as well. He also asked me, […]


The reason we returned to Calcutta so soon was because Arnab invited us to his wedding. Arnab is a friend of ours that we met last time we were here. He gave me a gift of earrings (the same ones he gave his girlfriend, he told me) as well gave Jacob and I as a […]


I’ve missed the boys at Daya Dan so, so much. So it was with great anticipation that I returned to Nimtala Ghat Street. I took an auto rickshaw to Kankurgachi, then one to Maniktola, and finally walked the length of the road to Nimtala Ghat Street because I was early and needed to pass the […]


To have returned to Calcutta is both strange and familiar. It’s not the way I remember it, and I attribute it to four things. One, the weather is so much more comfortable here in January and it affects everything: now young boys are out playing cricket; people are bustling about with less sluggishness; it no […]

  Never seen anything like this before… amazing. Do 3 sets of this routine twice per week. j/k

I never figured out how to post videos from my camera til now…we’ll see if this works.


Jainism is a minority religion in India and of all the new religions I’ve encountered so far, its ideals appeal to me above others. The most important principle of Jains—which is a branch of Hinduism—is that violence is prohibited. This means they are vegetarian; in fact they don’t even eat garlic or onions which could […]


There are some things I won’t miss about leaving India. These include… Yellow water coming out of the sink faucet and brown water to wash clothes in Sudden whiffs of urine or burning trash while walking down the street No air conditioning or even fans around town in the hottest place I’ve ever lived The […]