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Jacob treated me to a makeup lesson at the spa in Treasure Island. Although I’ve had my make up done before, this time I feel like I walked away with some very usable tips that I’ll be putting into practice right away. I thought I’d share the things she told me, if only to help […]


Okay, so in actuality, I must have done something right because we are indeed here in Accra. The time in London wasn’t the most comfortable however… So the first piece of advice would be to book your chosen hotel in advance. This may seem obvious, except Jacob and I never do it. But in London […]

In college, after doing my study abroad in Austria (which I loved!!!) I pretty much decided I was going to live abroad again, by hook or by crook. The most obvious way to do that seemed to be teaching English. I don’t know how much time I spent researching this subject. And now I just […]


I have this problem. I always forget to dry my hands after washing my hands in the bathroom. And invariably, I have to shake hands with someone I’m being introduced to as soon as I exit the bathroom. It’s become correlated in my mind: if it’s time to shake hands with someone, my hands are […]

I’m learning French right now in preparation for when we go to New Caledonia. I know there no one will speak English, and it would be nice to not have to have Jacob translate every single thing I hear. I’m setting aside an hour a day to practice. has been a really great tool […]