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We got to see our first true world-famous sight this weekend, straight out of 1000 Things to See Before You Die (the book). The Koelner Dom, with the highest church tower in the world. It’s Gothic and quite impressive. We were trying to meet up with my good friend Laura Yeck, which never happened, but hopefully we’ll see her in London soon. It was an incredible sight! We also looked inside the modern art museum next door, and watched a dance that happened to be my favorite part of the day. It was a modern art dance and these videos don’t do it justice. Basically I thought this lady had on an air body suit, but actually she just was naked and painted blue. She lay on the ground twitching for a while and then this guy came and started helping her up. He helped her into a wheelchair. Then he jumped on the wheelchair and started attacking her, and somehow she escaped and wheeled away into the distance. Any guesses out there on what THAT’S supposed to symbolize?

Jacob’s favorite part of the day was the Italian fancy restaurant we visited. One day we will try to imitate the recipe for his spaghetti. The appetizers were green olives, which I’ve never enjoyed before but these were really tasty. We were reinforced once again that in Europe, you don’t ask for water… you will get mineral water. Which by the way we are starting to both enjoy.

Next we went to the Christkindlmarkts, which are a bunch of stands outside with people selling their wares interspersed with nativity scenes and Tannenbaums.

Jacob also bought his first German book, Die Vier Stunden Woche. He had enjoyed the English counterpart, the Four Hour Workweek, and would like to read it again, auf Deutsch.

The next day we were invited over to a family’s house for dinner from church. I think that was the first time we have been to someone’s house here. The Wheelers are probably the largest family in Europe (they have five kids). They are going to stay here for about 7 years before returning to America (they both served their missions in the Duesseldorf area). Here is Jacob with their very affectionate three-year-old:

Most of the children are sooo blonde, helping them to fit right in with the all the other little German children. Seems like all Germans are blonde, and if not they dye it blonde…

We enjoyed getting to know their family–and randomly, they know Sis. Alyssa Madsen from Wisconsin! We think Alyssa must be one of those Connector people because it seems like we’re always meeting people who know her.

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