Why would anyone choose to make a flight at 5 am? That means you have to be there at 3 am, and if you use public transportation, which is unpredictable at night…we were here at 11:30 pm. So. Posting some pictures seems a good way to pass the time… One thing I will remember the […]

So we are headed to Morocco in less than two weeks. The 21 of June is our flight at 5 am…probably shouldn’t go to bed that night, we sleep in too easily. We will have a huge apartment there; you can see it at More by necessity than choice, it was the only one […]

Berlin is growing on me more and more. It’s hip, it’s historical, it’s easy to get around, and it’s pretty. There’s a surprising amount of wide open spaces and green parks right in the middle of the city. We went on a free tour and learned the tragic and tough history the city’s been through. […]

We’ve been meaning to write about this for a while. Actually it was kind of meant as a Christmas present for Al and Laura. We went on a road trip before leaving Germany. We managed to get a rental car from Duesseldorf, and after figuring out the GPS and the roads, we were on our […]

Not sure where or what this pic is from. Been meaning to post this photo for a while… The Rhein or some type of river like that… haha.

It seems like it’s been a while since we wrote about our goings-ons. Part of the reason is the internet is not so reliable here. Anyway, we’ve been seeing a lot of the big cities of Germany lately. And of all the Christmas Weihnachtsmarkts we’ve attended, Essen was our favorite. It was the prettiest and […]

We got to see our first true world-famous sight this weekend, straight out of 1000 Things to See Before You Die (the book). The Koelner Dom, with the highest church tower in the world. It’s Gothic and quite impressive. We were trying to meet up with my good friend Laura Yeck, which never happened, but […]

I met a great friend recently and he took Kalli and I to his uncles pizza place. Well this place seriously has the best Pizza I have ever had. He is a turkish man but he looks italian and cooks italian pizza. His place is called “buena vista.” Kalli ordered a pepperoni pizza they said […]

I had just learned that Kalli would no longer be working with the school, which was clearly the best thing for her. But the timing of this and what happened next is fairly remarkable. First of all we were literally moments, wallet in hand kind of thing, away from committing to 3 months rent. Also […]

Well, after three weeks of misery, my boss and I have come to the conclusion that this was not what either of us expected it to be. Perhaps this was no surprise. A new school, a new position, and language and cultural barriers have caused great frustration on both sides that proved to be insurmountable. […]