Mac Vs PC

In honor of Steve Jobs, I will write a post on why I prefer PCs to Macs.

Please understand: I love my iPad, I love my iPhone, I loved my iPod til I sold it…

I’m not an Apple hater.

But I dragged my feet to get the Mac. I smashed my PC, Jacob’s old Hewlett Packard, somewhere on a flight across the Atlantic, or through the onerous security checks right before. It still runs, but the screen won’t turn on. I had one night in NYC to get a new computer. The Macbook Air was the only lightweight option, and Jacob really wanted me to try it,  so I got it.

As a BYU music student, I always thought Macs were the lower class form of computer–the low budget option. It was only later that I found out that the Mac outprices the PC! Surprising when dollar for dollar, you get more speed and space on a PC.

As portable professionals, Jacob and I prefer PCs because the programs for internet marketers that the PC offers are superior.

Here are the pros of my Mac:

1. The plugin is magnetized, so I can’t break it like I have every single one of my past computers.

2. The design is sleek and light and tough–another pro for someone who has dropkicked her computer across the room.

3. It starts up super fast.

4. I can boot to Windows on it (which I do.)

5. I guess it’s supposed to be more protected against viruses, but I’ve never had problems with viruses on my PCs.

The cons:

1. A much shorter battery life.

2. No photo card slot.

3. Only 2 slots for USBs.

4. Running Windows on a Mac is slower than running it on a PC.

5. Because only Apple stores can do repairs, this is not a bonus for the portable professional, who if in a place with only PC parts would be unable to get repairs.


When it comes down to it, I don’t understand the die-hard loyalty that Mac fans have. I’ve constantly had to switch programs back to the PC. Case in point: Keynote vs Powerpoint. Keynote may look real pretty, but Powerpoint makes slideshows MUCH faster and efficiently. Anyone want to explain why they are a Mac person?

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