Lacie and Buffalo Thunderbolt Review

The Product according to its package.

Lacie Rugged USB Thunderbolt

  • Move at the Speed of Lightning.
  • Universal connectivity with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0
  • Shocking speeds up to 385MB/s (SSD)
  • Bus-powered for complete mobility
  • Accident-resistant to protect your data

It seems to be real fast!
It says it does 10 gigabyte per second!


However, it doesn’t seem to be the real stuff.

It’s limited by the speed of its own internal disk.

Even though it says on the package that 10 GB per second,┬áit’s not really faster than a USB 3.0

It’s actually a bit false advertising.

The product is still limited by its own product specs

Buffalo technical support’s response on the clarification as they label this a thunderbolt drive:
“The USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt interfaces on this unit both have about the same transfer rates. You should be seeing between 80 MB/s and 105 MB/s. It sounds like the unit is functioning correctly”

Save your money because this drive isn’t any faster than other USB 3.0 drives and so there is no reason they should be advertising 10 GB transfer speeds.




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