It was time to leave Kruger National Park and I was ready. Six nights of sleeping in a tent. Six nights of shoveling cough drops methodically into my mouth and counting down the minutes until the sun came up. We’d decided the night before to arrange a doctor for Ryder. He had a fever. I […]


I remember the moment I met Sophie. It was at the gate to Ryder’s preschool in Chiang Mai. I was thrilled there would be another boy Ryder’s age who was also an English speaker. She was from England, and had a pleasant yet shy way about her, as did her son, Shaye. “Will you ever […]

hs reunion

I told a similarly-minded friend my senior year, “I don’t think I’ll be going to our high school reunions.” It was a rough year, characterized by the dissolution of my best friendship, uninspiring classes, lack of a dating life, and preparation for major life shifts like moving states and starting college. I wasn’t like I […]


Tabassum and I have a funny friendship. I don’t recall ever being in the position before as the “corrupting” friend. Yet, with my friend Tabassum of Calcutta, she is one of the most sheltered, naïve 28-year-olds that I have ever known—so I am the liberal, radical, rule-bending one. Well, come to think of it, my […]