No comments on the last post means I (Kalli) am back ;) It’s been two years since the day we got married, but Jacob thought it was three ;) It does feel like a long time we’ve been married. We have moved probably something like 40 times in those two years.There’s a saying that says […]

Buenos Aires, not San Salvador, turned out to be the right choice seeing as El Sal was devastated by a tropical storm, mudslides, and flooding. Thankfully our friends are all right! Food Parillas, pizzarias, and confeterias. If you don’t like steak, pizza, or coffee, Argentina doesn’t have much more to offer. They like meat. Beef […]

As I washed off the grime of Morocco in a relatively comfortable hostel in Algeciras, Spain, I had to reflect: Morocco may be the first place that I can’t say I regret I’m leaving. The guidebooks use words like “magical” “exotic” and “varied landscape” to describe the country. I guess I’d describe it differently. Moroccans […]