Despite all of its problems, Africa, for me, is addicting. I know I’ll want to come back. Here is one reason: When you go to Europe, everything is polished and perfect. You know exactly what to expect. You know the experience you’re going to have and nothing is going to be that bad. You’re not […]

Dear kalli How are you? I am fin with my families. How was the tripe of Ethiopia special Lalibela? Did you back your home? Did fine your families? I hope you remember me very well I am alelegn you buy for me book you so kind and also your husband is kind I am pray […]


Aggravating. That’s what it’s like to try and buy a plane ticket with Ethiopian Airlines. It’s run by the government, which explains a lot. I spent hours on the website, which the internet was going in and out so it couldn’t be booked and, when the page finally loaded, wouldn’t accept a credit card online. […]


Lalibela, as it turns out, is probably one of those tourist towns I mentioned, on par with Marrakesh, Morocco or the like. It’s THE holy city to Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, on par with Jerusalem, but it’s also the number one town to visit as a tourist. Consequently, there are scams here. Apparently the “sponsor my […]


God bless Ethiopia. They need it. Jacob says his experience of Ethiopia has been tainted for him because everyone here has a not-so-hidden agenda: begging. That it is “plasticy” because no one we meet can really be trusted to be our friend. It’s difficult not to feel this way. It does seem that many Ethiopians […]


Ethiopia is starting to drive me a little crazy. Jacob and I are both agreed that, after 3 months of sub-Saharan Africa, we are ready for, as Jacob puts it, “some people who are a little more up and coming.” The hassle is just starting to be a little much as a farenji, or white […]


Sorry for the hiatus—I believe the Ethiopian government blocks blogspot. Ethiopia is everything I have wanted from Africa. In fact, it feels like the warm heart of Africa, like Turkey was the warm heart of the Middle East, India, the warm heart of Asia, and to some extent, Macedonia was for Europe (though we had […]


Back to reality… We are in Egypt now…inhaling modernity, ambition, and technology—those three things which overall are missing in sub Saharan Africa. I can now publish my Ethiopian blog posts. I’ve considered editing them, because my opinion of Ethiopia changed over time… I think I’ll still publish them as I wrote them though. I went […]