Two Week Vacation Ideas: Areas of the World to Check a Lot of Countries Off Your List in a Short Period of Time

Some people only have two weeks to a month per year in which to travel due to work or other time constraints.

The idea of this post is to give you some thoughts at areas of the world in which you can hit several countries and cultures within a two to three week time frame.

In order to hit all countries in each itinerary, you’ll probably only be able to visit one city per country.

The Central American Itinerary:

Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama. The area of which Texas is a little bigger, square mileage wise.

perfect lake atitlan

Lake Atitlan’s photos don’t need to be photoshopped

The Former Yugoslavia Itinerary:

Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, similar in size to the East Coast of the US (South Carolina, Vermont, West Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey).

train trip balkans

Waiting for the train to Zagreb from Slovenia

The Caribbean Cruise:

Anguilla  Antigua-and-Barbuda Aruba  Bahamas Barbados British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Cuba Dominica Dominican Republic Grenada Guadeloupe Haiti Honduras Jamaica  Martinique Montserrat Netherlands Antilles Puerto Rico Saint Barthélemy Saint Kitts-and-Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Martin Saint Vincent-and-the-Grenadines Trinidad-and-Tobago Turks-and-Caicos Islands and United States Virgin Islands.

guadeloupe hike

Hiking in Guadeloupe

There is a three week cruise to see many Caribbean islands on Holland America, see a sample itinerary here:

The United Kingdom Itinerary:

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland—again similar to Texas

creepy hill

Haunting Edinburgh

The Middle East Itinerary:

Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Egypt—these countries are for the most part tiny, similar to Connecticut and Rhode Island, except for Syria, the size of North Dakota, and Egypt—three times the size of New Mexico

cairo pyramid

Falling-apart Egyptian pyramid

Southeast Asia Itinerary:

Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore—Cambodia is similar in size to Oklahoma, Laos to Utah, Vietnam and Malaysia each to New Mexico, Thailand is twice the size of Wyoming, Singapore is three times larger than D.C. So this area is surprisingly big, but hitting all of these in three weeks has been done before.

beautiful thai beach

Quiet Thai Beach

Are you a country counter? Have you ever hit a bunch of countries in a row within a couple of weeks?

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